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Bābak Golestani


The Persian composer, Bābak Golestani was born on august 1981 in Tehran and lives currently in Switzerland. He is a composer of chamber and experimental (algorithmic / acousmatic) music and works also as Tonmeister with classical and as mix/mastering engineer with non-classical musicians.

Bābak graduated in music and media arts from the Bern University of the Arts (Switzerland). His multichannel music has experienced several performances in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

His first album “Metal Music” is about his composition for 6 channel settings and the newest collection “Tootia” contains both his recent works for string instruments and the piano and also two compositions of the past 14 years, that he reworked.

Bābak’s next great passion is music technology and architectural acoustics. He is the director of the Mixofon Mastering Studio in Switzerland and wrote many articles about audio engineering, music technology and acoustics on his website in Persian.



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