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(English) Ahmad AlRayyan


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I’ve graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University in the summer of 2012, after more than a year of the crisis beginning, and the impact of current events was clear through the selection of the idea of ​​”death” as the theme of my graduation project.

Art movement in Syria throughout history have been varied and affected by several factors, stages, and doctrines, given the current nature of this movement. and therefore my undergraduate studies were divided between the study of the principles and basis of European classical and modern art on one hand, and the study of Oriental and Islamic Arts on the other.

After I graduated i applied in master studies in the same collage and department. and i started ( like all the artists in my age) to establish an independent identity for myself, the experience which unfortunately has not been completed. I’ve tried to stage pairing between Islamic decoration and calligraphy with pictorial approach in the painting. I’ve been trying to do so with the assistance of a variety of techniques including silk screen. and that was before the situation in Syria started to get worse and worse to the degree that there was nothing more important to work on other than maintain the life itself, which compelled me, finally, to escape from Syria.


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